Why is Wayfarer Camp Different?

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Today, we’re looking at camp-well-designed.

Here’s why this is important: If you are trying to put discipleship and mission at the heart of everything you’re doing…it’s not just the adults! It’s kids and teens as well. And we as looked at in Monday’s post…camp can be hugely influential in creating milestones for teens that create new groovers in their life.

And because of that…we’ve created Wayfarer Camp.

So without further ado…here is why Wayfarer Camp is different:

Wayfarer Camp is not a conference to come to, hear about Jesus, and then go home. We at Wayfarer long to see people drawn closer to Jesus, closer to their church family, closer to the world, and overall changed and charged to live out a life that reflects Jesus’ life. This kind of radical change in lifestyle and mindset does not just happen in a week of intensity. This is a day-to-day, life-on-life kind of change. Wayfarer Camp is the place to come, have fun, serve, learn, meet with Jesus, and be prepared to continue on a path of living out what God’s called you to.

For Youth Ministers, this is the time to learn and to rest. Take time to hear from the Lord, and let us help you become even better equipped to lead both your adult leaders and your students. We help empower you and your team to be key players in the “winning moments” of your students‘ experience at camp. This can happen throughout camp, but it will mainly take place after the evening worship and message, during Church Group time. This is the space where they can share with you their stories of where they are seeing God, and what He is saying to them during the week; you will get to pray with them and have intentional conversations with them.

We build camp so that after it ends, these conversations will continue and youth ministers can have an even deeper impact in the students’ lives. In other words…it’s all about the process that God has already started in their life before they get to camp.

One of the main differences in Wayfarer Camp is that we spend intentional time with the Adult Leaders who come with the students, preparing them to lead huddles (our discipleship vehicle) both during camp and beyond. Our hope is that as God speaks to students, they are surrounded by adults who love them and want to continue to help them act on what God is saying throughout the whole year, not only during the week of camp. Because camp doesn’t change lives – God does, and he uses you long after camp is complete.

Students, should be ready for an insanely fun and impactful week. They’ll play, both during recreation times and at our crazy-awesome after parties. You’ll hear from two speakers, not just one. They’ll be able to get different perspectives and hear the message in a manner that is best for them. After the messages, we prepare a tangible way for students to delve deeper and remember what God is saying to them…and then build off of that when they return home.Whether they are playing at the after party, preparing their heart during soaking times of worship, or serving the city, we have planned everything intentionally to reflect the message of the week.

For churches who are going through the 3DM learning process, you’ll notice that we teach the students the same content that you’ve been given. It’s not watered-down, it is purposefully angled toward the students. We use the same language and the same tools to convey the same messages. This allows for deeper conversations when they go home, resulting in better conversations and connections between adults and their kids. Our hope is that families will regularly be processing “kairos moments” over the dinner table.

Like everyone part of 3DM, Wayfarer is a family and we invite you to come be part of our family too.

If you’re interested in getting more info on Wayfarer Camp or registering, you can get more details by clicking here.


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